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About Light Novel Cave: Story Reader Mobile App

Read light novel and web novel with advanced interface and reader features.

Light Novel Cave, on this specialized platform, you can read light novels across genres such as fantasy, action, adventure, romance, wuxia, sci-fi and many more. With an interface that offers the best user experience and great features, start reading now to explore this mysterious fantasy world.

What we offer?

  • The app supports offline mode. It downloads the novel and chapter content of your choice to your device and allows you to read offline.
  • The opportunity to listen to the novel chapters with audio according to your device's support.
  • Options to translate episodes in many different languages. Also, the translated episode can work with the TTS audio feature.
  • Font, size, and screen customizations that enhance the experience of reading novel chapters.
  • Add a novel to your library and monitor reader progress.
  • Ability to filter novels in the library by making a list of favorites.
  • Track your reading history and see where you are in the novel.
  • Notifications are automatically sent when a new chapter is published for one of the novels added to the library.
  • By joining the community, you can share comments within the novel and on each chapter page and interact with other users.
  • Like and dislike other users' comments with the comment system.
  • You will be notified when a reply or like is applied to your comment, indicating which comment it was applied to.
  • Rating system by sharing the review about the novel.
  • By earning points through comments, likes and reviews, you become part of the "Karma Points" system. With KP you can gain levels and become more respected and prominent in the community.

Download and Install

Installation can only be done with APK file for devices with Android OS due to the fact that it is not available in any application store. Follow the steps below to download.

Important installation notes;

  • You may also receive an unsafe application warning due to Google Play Protect during installation. At this point, select the " View more" option and click the "Install anyway" button.
  • Download the file only from our websites. Files from other sources may not be secure.
  • The app has the ability to download and install updates. It notifies you when an update is released and requests your permission to install it.

Terms and Privacy Policy

Our app has been developed to deliver only what is promised. It has no modules/functions that can harm your device or data. It has been developed to maximize your reading experience and is equipped with the appropriate functions. Please do not download the file if you think and suspect that it is not safe. Otherwise, if any malfunction or data loss occurs on your device after installation, it is not related to our application in any way. We are never responsible for this.

In addition, we have to process some user data on your device. We use it to collect error reports and content consumption statistics. This allows us to make the app more stable and advanced, and to provide some in-app user functions (your novel library, the last chapter you read, your user comments, etc.).

Some third-party modules also provide access to user data. These are analytics and advertising modules such as Google Analytics, Google Firebase Crashlytics, Applovin Max.

Read more about Privacy Policy

*** By downloading and installing the Application on your device, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the above terms.